Below are some very simple videos I have made of various traffic engineering devices and intersection designs that you may not see every day. You are welcome to link to them for any presentation you may need to give.

This is a video of a pedestrian hybrid beacon located in Waco, Texas.  The inset shows what the pedestrian is looking at while the driver is observing the overhead signals.

This is a video of a modern roundabout with a light rail line running through the center.  The roundabout is located on the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City.

This video demonstrates the use of a rectangular rapid flash beacon at a pedestrian crosswalk in College Station, Texas.

This video is of a flashing yellow arrow left turn phase at an intersection in Waco, Texas.

This is a video of a series of modern roundabouts.  Two of them are a more standard roundabout of two intersecting streets.  The third is a junction with a state highway.  The roundabouts are located near Topeka, Kansas. Please note that I am in the passenger seat while filming this video.

This is a video of an LED enhanced stop sign in College Station, Texas.